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FXCG50 Graphing Calculator

The fx-CG50 PRIZMTM will support students and educators through middle school and high school and into college. Natural Textbook Display, intuitive icon-based menu and brand-new 3D Graph Drawing.

( Casio )

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With the advanced features of a next-generation graphing calculator, the fx-CG50 PRIZMTM will support students and educators through middle school and high school and into college. With Natural Textbook Display and an intuitive icon-based menu, students will find the PRIZMTM incredibly easy to use and its brand-new 3D Graph Drawing and improved catalog function allows for greater engagement and real-life application in the mathematics classroom.

X = f (y) graphFrequency _for Decimal Value)



Dot Matrix: 384 x 216

LCD (Color): High Color

LCD (Diagonal Size): 3.17"

Status: Yes

Back-light: Yes

Cas -

Memory (Bytes): 60KB

Storage Memory Area (Flash Memory): 16M

Power Supply: AAA x 4

Rechargeable Battery Available: Yes

Approximate Battery Life (hours): 140h

Exam Mode: Yes



Stylus - Keyboard: Yes


Menu: Function Menu

Icon Input/Output: Yes

Poly/Siml Result: Yes

Irrational Number on Natural Display: Yes

Mantissa + Exponent Digits: 10 + 2

Standard Calculation

Differential Coefficient of Second Order: Yes

MOD_Exponential: Yes

Simplify for Fraction: Yes

Int÷: Yes Rmdr: Yes

MOD (Remainder): Yes


Random Integer: Yes

Complex Number: Yes

Graphing: Yes

Inequality Graph: Yes

3D Graph: Yes

Compose Function Graph: Yes

MODIFY: Yes/Copy

Modified Expression: Yes

Slider: Yes DYNAMIC: Yes

Differential Equation Graph CONICS: YES

Pol/Param Format: YES


RECURSION: 3 Formulas

Cob-Web: YES

Color: YES

Matrix: 999 * 999

Number of Available Matrices: 26

Complex Number Availability: Yes

Picture Plot (Graphs on the Picture): Yes

Statistics: Yes


Confidence Interval: 6

Distribution: 24

Hyper Geometric: Yes

Probability Simulation: (Add-In)

Financial Function: Yes

Depreciation: Yes

Bond Calculation: Yes

Equation: Simultaneous Equations Yes

n-th (Maximum): 6

Complex Number Availability: Yes

Polynomial Equation: Yes

Degree (Maximum): 6 Solve

Solve for Multi Solution: Yes

Spreadsheet Regression (10 Functions): Yes

Pie Chart: Yes

Bar Chart: Yes



Periodic Table: (Preloaded)

Scientific Constants: (Preloaded)

Metric Conversion: (Preloaded)

Communication: USB/ Yes

Mass Storage: Yes

3 Pin Cable: Yes

Add-In: Yes

Direct Projector Connection: Yes


Command List: Yes

Catalog Help

Category Display: Yes

Undo: Yes (Math Input)

Clipboard: Yes

Color Brackets: Yes

User/School Name Registration: Yes

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