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FX9860GIIS Graphing Calculator

The FX-9860GIIS has an enlarged display with optional backlight for ease of view, in all types of lighting settings. Its icon-based menu is easy to navigate and the soft-menus makes for easy access.

( Casio )

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The FX9860GIIS has a built in spreadsheet application, as well as Natural Display-2D mathematical templates that look identical to what you would find in a textbook.


Key features:

Natural Display Input/Output

Built in Spreadsheet Application

200 hours of battery life

Capable of graphing X=relations

Built-in graphing of conic sections

Streamlined solving of intercepts, intersections, etc.

Easily calculato values for given independent/dependent values.

Interactive Equation Solver

Ability to edit previous entries

Statistics regressions and graphical displays

Data collection compatible (with separate EA-200 device)

128 x 64 display

Statistics Residual Calculations

Numeric differentiation and integration

Recursive sequences

Direct-connect to compatible projectors

Matrix operations and inverses

USB-to-computer connectivity

Not a Computer Algebra System (CAS)

Permitted on all major exams.


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