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Uncovering Math with Manipulatives and the TI-10

ONLY ONE BOOK LEFT! Designed for intermediate grades, students tackle data gathering activities that help connect real-world ideas to mathematical concepts. Author(s) - Jane F. Schielack, Dinah Chancellor

Uncovering Math with Manipulatives and the TI-10

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Jane F.  Schielack


Middle Grades Mathematics ,  Elementary Mathematics

PreK - 5 ,  6 - 8


The activities in this book are examples of situations where students develop healthy attitudes toward the use of technology. Students will begin to look for patterns and make conjectures about the solutions to a given problem, but also gain general understanding of important mathematical concepts. The TI-15 Explorer activities, designed for intermediate grades, use the calculator as a data generating device to support exploration. The TI-10 activities, designed for primary grades, build connections between physical representations and the mathematical symbolism of the calculator.

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