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9130 Time Master II

The Time Master™ II is a versatile, easy-to-use time-math calculator for conversions, schedules, rate-based estimates and solving elapsed time calculations.

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For TV/Radio Broadcasting, Aviation, and Athletics.

Instantly determine time-based costs and rates for billing and estimates. If you're in Radio and Broadcasting, use the time and stopwatch keys for accurate production/editing, Pilots and Fight Attendants can quickly compute flying hours. Coaches and Athletes use the Time Master II Stopwatch and Timer with Split/Lap feature to track elapsed times and performance.


Quickly Perform Tedious Time-Math Calculations in Hours, Minutes or Seconds; Hours:Minutes:Seconds (h:m:s), or in Decimal format down to 100th of a second. Accurately Track or Schedule Hours. Cut Production Costs and Scheduling Errors. Built-in Stopwatch and Timer with Alarm. Ideal for Time/Rate Estimates. Great Everyday Calculator.


For Broadcasters, Electronic Media Producers and Editors, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Travel Professionals Coaches, Athletes, Production Schedulers, Estimators, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers.

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