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MyChron II Student Timer 6-Pack #265

An inexpensive count UP/count DOWN individual timer, with alarm! A great tool when you want to set a time for a specific task in your classroom/sports field with individual students or small groups.Package includes 6 Timers.

( Stokes Publishing )
Number pieces in packaging:6
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Easy to use 4-key operation: MINUTE(set)...SECOND(set)...START/STOP...ON/RESET * Counts UP or DOWN to the time you set for the activity you are performing * In the count UP mode, the timer continues to time the activity after the alarm sounds until the START/STOP key is pressed * In count DOWN mode, the time stops when the set time expires * The ON/RESET key quickly resets the timer to the previous set time * Automatic shut-off when not in use * Easy to read display in hundreths/seconds * Has a belt clip, magnet and stand on the back casing * Lanyard ready * One year warranty * Battery Included * Color: Blue * 6 Pack Timers

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